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Evoke a Beauty Studio by Prashant Kulshreshtha

By admin / Published on Thursday, 25 Jul 2019 19:45 PM / 19 Comments / 862 views

Evoke a Beauty Studio by Prashant Kulshreshtha

Located in the city’s Baner area, a makeup studio ‘Evoke’ is where customers enjoy promised beauty & makeup services in a dreamy fairy tale set-up. By taking some extra measures to create a particularly attractive salon, the architects aimed at the substantially increased in its ability to attract and maintain clientele. Designed considering numerous factors including the customer persona & lifestyle, owner’s expectations, space limit, budget and the most important one ‘Exclusivity & Uniqueness’ – we are more than happy with how it has turned out to be fulfilling all the aspects.

Evoke a Beauty Studio by Prashant Kulshreshtha
Evoke a Beauty Studio by Prashant Kulshreshtha

“We were reforming the original meaning of the word ‘Makeup Studio’, as a social and experiential hub,” “It’s a place people could come not just for the expert services offered but to feel rejuvenated, more confident & satisfied says,” Project Designer Prashant Kulshreshtha. The furniture, the subtle colour scheme, and the lighting have been chosen in such a way that it sets a soothing & ‘Not so typical salon-like’ experience.

A successful theme should convey a specific image that is memorable to clients and leaves them with positive feelings about the services. The ambition was to create a distinctive framework that puts the spotlight equally on the customers as well as on the workers and their working stations, without compromising on the spaces and functionality.

The design process began with understanding & creating a floor plan for the necessary furniture required, equipment positions, the flow of customers and staff & the optimal spaces essential to work freely without being ‘chaotic or disorganized.’ Since salon patrons spend a lot of time sitting and waiting and often bring friends who may not need services, we also kept those space requirements in mind. Wooden flooring has been chosen for a more contemporary approach, while the walls were painted in white to create a neutral backdrop with a golden touch. Every area flows seamlessly into the next one while maintaining privacy.

Kulshreshtha says, “White was used as a resource to a ‘High-end vibe’ and luminosity. A simple colour palette of white and gold mixed with glass accents created a gorgeous base. We settled for this colour scheme so that the environment would be calm delivering a message that this is the place, which welcomes customers and assures them that it understands ‘beauty.’ The entire furniture is finished with Duco & white satin finish with a ‘Queenly’ aura while adding desired glamour to space. As ‘makeup’ is, art & the place must convey it through.

The architect decided that the ambience should go with an artistic mind-set particularly when it came to the ceiling. In addition, honestly, this is our favourite part. The horizontal flat ceiling would have been too ordinary hence; they experimented with a flexible ply curved bands painted in white satin finish adding the ultimate component to the vision.  A chandelier as a central light source added to the exquisite ceiling created a sparkling vibrant flavour, making the place exemplary for all the chirpy, exciting & joyous interactions with customers. The way the design has turned out, we are sure the customers will be fond of the place not just for the quality services but the wholesome experience they had.

Project Details
Type: Commercial Makeup-studio
Status: Built
Budget: Undisclosed
Area: 800 sq.ft.
Year: 2018
Design Team – Prashant Kulshreshtha, Urvija Kriti
Photography By – Vignette photo studio

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