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Box Carnival a Commercial Project by Ar Akash Dudhe

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Box Carnival a Commercial Project by Ar Akash Dudhe
Client’s strategic approach, for development of food hub over a leased land located at the bypass road from Mumbai to Goa, with a series of kiosks designed, to activate the space surrounding the existing block, which to be revamp into a fine dining restaurant “ Maati Bani “(meaning built from mother earth). The project has its close proximity to tourist destinations – “Imagica” – theme-based park and Pali Temple, it had to cater to the mass of all ages, making it another destination and landmark. The project ought to be planned in phases and make it commercially viable by promoting local home-made businesses.

Box Carnival a Commercial Project by Ar Akash Dudhe
Box Carnival a Commercial Project by Ar Akash Dudhe

Concept Note
Our thought process started with an idea of “Building sheen within green”, by creating a vibrant prominent mass, harmonizing it through the streetscape and also wanting to amalgamate the existing structure with the new built form for generating a modern vernacular ambience, amplifying the essence of the place.

The use of discarded shipping containers in India is still restricted majorly to portacabins as toilets or at constructions sites, however, it can have varied uses, with biggest advantage of being able to accelerate the process of construction and innovation. Considering “Make Shift Design”, a solution, it could benefit in creating a rhythm of the modular prototype and would manifest the project. The Container block could be strategically situated as “catalysts” around the existing landscape, which could result in increased interaction and potential collaboration among all affiliates and uplift the project with the underused material. It would also help in movement, speed, efficiency, ease of transport, enabling it to assemble the same project for reuse.

There were certain features which we wanted to address appropriately, such as, to accentuate any Food hub, signage’s are always the first recognition far across the road, which had to mouth out to travellers across any time. To provide proper sanitation for the customers as well as passerby, which in turn would draw them within like a pit stop for activities. Each Container block would serve a unique purpose intended to active the much-needed space within with ease to operate for local vendors and eateries. The look and feel to be dealt holistic for new and old blocks, keeping similar language in the form of elements.

Design Process
We started strategically placing the boxes to formulate a congregational interim space, further when next phase develops, it envelopes and enlarges the same space. As one approaches the campus, the signage was aspired to overwhelm the people by going progressive in tilting the container box, highlighting the entrance and to attract millennial for an insta worthy experience. Parking proposed at the rear end for undisrupted street view for the campus.

A juxtaposition of 3 boxes proposed as one enters, with full height front façade in a grid pattern, an abstract from mondrain art by substituting colours with glass, allowing sightlines showcasing its interior activities. The pitched roof over the box designed with truss having members to resonate a rhythm, enticing one into the depth of the box. All activities including kids play area and gazebo, were created around this mega box to create a flow of movement within the campus.

40’ Long box as administration block, stacked above in elevation maximizes the rooftop view and column-free uninterrupted transitional shaded areas at the ground, assisting an overview of the entire campus. With Agro store box itself extended out toward bordering streets, letting local business vendors, being visible from the street and all pathways. Maati-bani’s meaning was a concept inspiration for design elements like using exposed brick walls with arches, the wash of motif tiles, vivid colours, blended into the boxes interiors as well. It even stimulated the vibrant external cooler combinations of warm and cool to be used amidst the green landscape. Gazebo and Public utility were functionally planned for ease of access to public and passerby, with façade scheme of these blocks intended to balance with adjoining Maati-bani.

Category: Architecture (Commercial)
Project name: BOX CARNIVAL
Location: Khopoli,Maharashtra
Date of completion: 1st January 2019

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